I have written journals some four decades and think the practice has enabled me to write a graceful sentence and live an examined life.

The goal of this journal is to chart my days by following heartfelt strands including wedding myself to nature, shaping a financially sustainable writing life, and guarding my health in a profession sadly renowned for the self-destruction of its practitioners.

  • ETFS – BULLS N’ BEARS! - A love affair - JG and ETFs forever. I have here a lively group of funds and while it takes patience to bond with them, to learn their vagaries, the effort will probably be worthwhile. If I treat them with respect surely they'll reciprocate... Hello, ...CONTINUE READING
  • INAUGURAL WRITING WORKSHOP - The first workshop. I am ready. No more red tape, just a venue designed for 12 students and an audiovisual system prone to moodiness. Back-up plans are in place – my colleague Mike is coming along to help in any way and I have made ...CONTINUE READING
  • FIRST 3 ESSENTIAL BOOKS - Poetry and fiction are intertwined, and rightly so, because many craft skills required in poetry also serve fiction – take the quest to convey a message with clarity, triggering emotion in the reader or catering for reader involvement in the narrative – they are all ...CONTINUE READING
  • 15 Essential Books - FIFTEEN  ESSENTIAL BOOKS ON CREATIVE WRITING Introduction  The danger lurks: having studied books on writing, having carted off barrows of advice, trouble confronts you on the page. Here’s the scenario: You lay down a nine-word sentence and then subject it to a checklist of do’s ...CONTINUE READING
  • Creative Writing Workshops - May 2018 For some time I have mulled over how to contribute in more ways at the university where I have (miraculously) taught for a decade. I thought about hosting another workshop at one of the staff development days. Or updating and delivering the lecture on academic ...CONTINUE READING
  • Solitude - August The people around me - not just Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, which I’m currently audibling - so often prove a disappointment. Family members, workmates, the neighbours – one whose dog cries because he’s cooped up all day, another whose dog barks too much, ...CONTINUE READING
  • ETFs - The Great Stock Market Trader I don't plan on becoming a stock market junkie. The idea is to run and tweak an ETF portfolio that delivers some useful disposable income. I think this is within reach through a mix of funds – some Australian stocks, ...CONTINUE READING